10 Burning Questions Another Matrix Movie Could Answer

Had The matrix series came out today, we would have had about a dozen suites on order. However, the series has been over since 2003, although fans still have a lot of questions about its finale. Sixteen years later, when many franchises are experiencing a revival, a new Matrix film could be shown to answer our questions.

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Matrix revolutions Unfortunately, a lot of questions were raised and the storyline was more complicated than it had been before. Over the years, the confusion and resulting assumptions have only grown. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from fans.

ten Did the peace treaty last?

Machines are not people, and honoring agreements is not part of their thinking. They were just going with the only course of action that would rid them of Smith: to agree with Neo. After Smith’s suppression, the machines were once again free to attack the world.

While they let Zion go at the end of Matrix revolutions, over time, the machines must have seen growth coming from the colony. The machines must also have estimated the likelihood of another resistance, and there’s a good chance they’ve broken the chord. So if we get another sequel, we might just find out if the truce was honored by either party. Chances are it wasn’t.

9 What happened to Neo’s body?

The machines seemed to have developed a level of respect for Neo after he saved everyone by allowing them to destroy Smith. The last time we saw him, his body was taken away for what appeared to be a respectful funeral – although it is more likely that if he had been buried they would have used his body as a resource.

Since we don’t know if Neo got a funeral, the machines could have done some sort of autopsy instead to better understand how humans work. A follow-up story has the potential to show machines using this as an advantage to preserve the humans they have in the matrix. For now, we still wonder what happened to Neo’s body.

8 How is the restarted matrix going?

In the end, the Matrix was restarted and we had another lame speech from the Architect (thankfully this one was brief), with the Oracle now “believing” the future would be optimistic. But the fact remains that people are still kept in the Matrix without their knowledge, and nothing has really changed since the first one. Matrix movie.

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So what happens now in the Rekindled Matrix? Are the people of Zion still coming in and trying to scare the people away? Is the Matrix itself a more living world that recognizes human thoughts and feelings? We would also like to know if the technology within the Matrix has been upgraded to the 2019 world like ours, or if it is still stuck in 1999.

7 Is Smith really dead?

The Matrix - Agent Smith is the Chosen One

Of course, we saw him be deleted after that great rise of the Deus Ex Machina in Neo when Smith had him in his possession, but Neo also jumped inside Smith in The matrix and apparently destroyed it at the time. The antagonist then returned using a loophole in The matrix reloaded.

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If there was to be a sequel, the directors can’t expect us to just accept that Smith is dead; we have to see proof of that. Also, if another movie is set, it’s hard to imagine a villain other than Smith, and in this scenario, we would need an explanation of how he survived.

6 How does possession work?

Neo and Bane in Matrix Reloaded

Bane became “possessed” by Smith when Smith assimilated him into the Matrix. In the real world, the Smith-Bane would carry out his plans to take over the world, before Neo could stop and kill him. We saw this Smith-Bane being completely taken over by the antagonist’s personality, but what you have to consider is that the brain belonged to Bane.

To believe that Smith completely took control of Bane is a bit of an overstatement, as Bane’s soul was still in the body and therefore his consciousness was still there (a situation similar to that of the victims in Get out). Elaborating on this method of possession would clarify it.

5 How did Cypher betray them?

The directors had said that Cypher used an “automated script” to enter The Matrix to speak to Agent Smith to discuss his betrayal, but it’s a very ugly excuse that doesn’t make sense to anyone.

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What fans deserve is an on-screen explanation of how one person can log into the Matrix without another person controlling the process. In the movies, it looks like Cypher himself tipped in for a nice hot meal and stepped out without anyone on the ship realizing he was there. What we would also like to know is how he enjoyed the steak so much, because it certainly made it tasty as hell.

4 Are people disconnecting from the matrix?

Carrie Anne Moss The Trinity Matrix

The architect claimed at the end of Matrix revolutions that there would now be an option open for people to leave the Matrix and go to the real world – so how does that work? It’s not like there are advertisements for people to log out of The Matrix, and the process is unknown to everyone.

Even if we disregard the process, we would like to know if people have chosen this option. Considering that Cypher had become completely disillusioned with the idea of ​​living in the shitty real world (and it stinks sometimes), there could be some sort of civil war between the people who are in favor of being taken out and those who are. in favor of the matrix.

3 What is Morpheus’ mission now?

All Morpheus did was regurgitate that Neo was the Chosen One. It was the guy’s life mission to have the One to save Zion and free the human race. Now that the mission is accomplished, what must man live for?

We’re not saying he would have had an existential crisis, but it would be interesting to know what he’s been up to with his life now that he’s got something else to think about for the first time. Has he settled down with Naobi or is he trying to get more people to unplug?

2 Is there a chance to save the world?

Before Trinity and Neo reached Machine City, they took flight and we saw a photo of the beautiful sun in the real world. This leaves the possibility that the world still has a chance to be mended.

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A new Matrix the movie would be very intriguing if the setup had the heroes trying to save the real world through the Matrix. It’s hard to accept that the real world is now permanently damaged with no hope that it will ever be fixed, and if so, we would like to know for sure with on-screen confirmation.

1 Are humans still sources of energy?

Neo wakes up in the Matrix power station

The machines were constantly evolving AIs. They went beyond what humans thought they could and took over the world by using humans themselves as sources of energy. It also means that they are able to find other ways of being able.

With the assertion that the sky still exists beyond the “burnt” part in Matrix revolutions, it must be believed that machines will understand in due course that they can use the sun as a source of energy. This would allow humans to free themselves from their domination, as they would not be of much use. The possibilities here are the machines permanently exterminating humans, or a story of how all humans unplug and return to the real world.

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