AG5’s skills management software: a solution to skills gaps

AG5 created a software solution for skills gaps before the demand for skills management peaked

Photo AG5 founders: Matthieu van Echtelt (CPO), Wouter Gazendam (Head R&D), Rick van Echtelt (CEO).

AG5’s talent management software solves a significant problem for many HR, operations and shift managers across industries.

AG5 is not bothered by a lot of competition: “At the moment, the global market is only served by three or four parties. As CEO Rick van Echtelt mentioned to Quotenet.

“It’s not a sexy product, but the demand is huge. We immediately received demo requests from all over the world, from Japan to the United States. Big companies are interested. van Echtelt said.

As HR managers know, employee skills are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Yet with the rapid pace of change in today’s business environment, it’s hard to know what skills are required and who has them. Skills management software helps organizations assess the skills of their employees and identify skill gaps.

The great resignation and skill gaps

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of work as we know it. Some businesses have had to shut down, economies have collapsed and traditional working patterns have been disrupted. Moreover, since The Great Resignation, employees are not hesitant to leave when they feel dissatisfied in their current roles, which means that having a solid data and skills management strategy is more critical than ever.

Skills Data can offer a solution

Skills data helps HR and operations managers make actionable workforce planning decisions. But it’s more than that; this can lead to improvements towards a healthier work environment where workers feel good and have the space to learn and grow. Tracking skills data can help companies track their employees’ skills and training and development needs. Additionally, reviewers can assess employee performance and identify areas for improvement. Staffing and resourcing decisions can be better informed when managers and workforce planners know what skills their teams have at their disposal. Overall, this creates a climate of continuous development which is good for companies and employees. Win-win!

Measure skills data with skills management software

Skills management software helps match employees to roles that match their skills. It makes it easy to track compliance requirements and provides a comprehensive portfolio of workforce skills. In addition, various tools for analyzing and reporting on skills development initiatives help measure the success of development and training programs.

The skills matrix

One way to better understand skills management is to create a skills matrix. A skills matrix can ensure that everyone is clear on what is required and that no critical skills are overlooked. Skills management software empowers management with visually appealing data that everyone can understand. Additionally, the software eliminates the need for unmanageable Excel sheets, saving organizations resources.


Another way to monitor employee skills is through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics track progress and identify areas where further development is needed. Skills management software shows where employees need to up their game by monitoring KPIs.

360 reviews

Completing a 360° review is another valuable way to monitor employee skills. This involves obtaining and receiving feedback from colleagues, clients, and others interacting with the person being evaluated. Therefore, an overview of a worker’s strengths and weaknesses helps identify areas where training or development might be needed.

Self evaluation

Employees can use them independently to assess their skills and development needs. Additionally, performance management systems now include self-assessment tools, so it’s easy to integrate them into existing processes and programs.

AG5 raises €1.2m from tech investor Peak

AG5’s software is ideal for organizations looking to improve their skills management processes. The software was designed to streamline the assessment, planning, training and certification process. Additionally, it provides a centralized repository for storing and managing skills data and offers a variety of features for analyzing and reporting on skills development initiatives. The Amsterdam-based startup started working with local firefighters and provided them with desperately needed skills management software. AG5 quickly found that besides firefighters, many manufacturing companies still use Excel spreadsheets to manage their competency matrices. The startup has upgraded its skills management tool to meet market needs. The startup raised €1.2 million from tech investor Peak in its latest investment round. The funds will help further develop the skills management software and market its platform globally. AG5’s software is used by leading organizations around the world and has been recognized by industry experts as a best-in-class solution for managing employee skills data. AG5’s clientele extends to all sectors; Jacobs Douwe Egberts, KLM Cargo and Toyota Boshoku use AG5 skills management software to map employee skills, schedule them correctly, train them on time and ensure compliance with international regulations.

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