ALLEGAEON Releases New Music Video For Track ‘Called Home’ (May 11, 2022)

ALLEGAEON Releases New Music Video For Track ‘Called Home’
May 11, 2022

Fort Collins, Colorado-based melodic death metal band Allegaeon filmed a music video for the track “Called Home.” Directed by Kyle Lamar (Digital Myle), the clip can be viewed below.

Speaking of the song and video, guitarist Greg Burgess said, “Over the past few years people around the world have experienced immeasurable loss and heartache. This song and this video are the representation of a personal experience. By sharing this story, we hope it brings a sense of peace to anyone who has gone through a similar experience, and perhaps throws a lifeline to someone who may be suffering. You’re not alone.”

Allegaeon has released a sixth full-length studio album. Shit on February 25, 2022 via Metal Blade Records.

The release can be streamed in full via YouTube below.

ShitThe lyrical content of focuses on dealing with sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness. “My hope with these lyrics is that they’ll be relevant to listeners and show them that they’re not alone when they’re going through a whole range of negative emotions – someone else is feeling the same way,” said commented leader Riley McShane.

Shit marks the first Allegaeon album to feature drummer Jeff Saltzman, who joined the band in 2021 – replacing Brandon Park after a seven-year tenure. “It’s really the first record where the drummer wrote all of his parts, instead of us guitarists programming a beat and our drummer just writing the fills,” said guitarist Greg Burgess.

“By pairing him with our bassist Brandon Michael, we have a rhythm section that can keep up with the level of musicianship and skill that guitars have always brought to the table,” McShane added.

Recording took place at Flatline Audio Studio in Denver, Colorado with longtime producer Dave Otero, once again. For the first time, all the members were present in the studio for the duration of the tracking. “There was a lot more creative input from all directions on each song, and while it was sometimes stressful to sort through the noise of everyone’s ideas, I think it ended up adding something very unique to this album over any other in the Allegaeon Catalog,” Burgess concluded.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. ‘Bastards of Earth’
02. “Beasts and Worms”
03. “In the embers”
04. “To carry my sorrow through torpor and silence”
05. ‘Vermin’
06. “Called Home”
07. ‘Scourge’
08. ‘The Dopamine Void Pt. 1’
09. ‘The Dopamine Void Pt. 2’
10. ‘Saturnine’
11. “Mourning”
12. “Only Loss”

The composition of Allegaeon is as follows:

Riley McShane (vocals)
Greg Burgess (guitar)
Michel Stancel (guitar)
Brandon Michael (bass)
Jeff Saltzman (drums)

Music videos were filmed for the tracks “Into Embers” and “Vermin”, while an age-restricted video was released for the song “Of Beasts And Worms”. Both clips can be accessed below.

Fifth studio recording Apoptosis was released in April 2019 via Metal Blade.

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