Could Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith appear in a future “Matrix” movie?

The matrix: resurrections has everything a franchise fan could wish for. From a risen Neo (Keanu reeves) at the resumption of her love affair with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), she has it all. However, the film lacks a prominent figure: Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving).

There are plenty of reasons Smith doesn’t appear, including his death, but that’s not why he’s missing. The real cause of his disappearance is linked to the actor who embodies him, Hugo Weaving. Yes, the actor couldn’t find a moment to shoot Resurrections due to scheduling conflicts.

In an interview with Collider, Weaving explained that he met Lana Wachowski and almost landed a deal to reprise his role as Agent Smith. Unfortunately, Wachowski was unwilling or unable to change the dates that conflicted with Weaving’s plays. He portrayed Alfred in Tony Kushner Visit at the time, which prevented him from shooting both.


Sweet money for Agent Smith’s absence

Agent Smith in The Matrix (1999).

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What’s interesting about Weaving’s meeting with Wachowski is that he was okay with the script. Despite the outcome, he declared potential interest in a comeback. Weaving noted that he was somewhat hesitant, having already starred in three episodes, but the script changed his mind. This means that fans could see Smith in the very near future.

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While it’s a little premature to start thinking about a fifth Matrix movie, Resurrections has the potential to spawn another trilogy, in which Smith returns. Assuming the fourth entry in the franchise is a huge hit as we think, Warner Bros. will likely call Lana Wachowski to line up future films. Keep in mind that another movie will depend on whether or not the director has more stories to tell. Of course, that seems likely. The reason the audience can rest also has to do with the character of Smith. Given that Wachowski had already worked out a plot for his return, it could presumably take place in Matrix 5. Plus, he has an old foe bracing for action.

From what we have gathered on Resurrections, it will likely end with Neo rediscovering his identity the same way he did in The matrix (1999). This is an early prediction that may or may not come true. But the likelihood of Neo recovering his old abilities before the movie is over is high. Plus, he would be ready for a fight, at least physically speaking.

With a semi-resurrected Neo back reshaping the simulated world, an antagonist of equal power would have to step up to compete. Machines are becoming obsolete, and there doesn’t seem to be much internal conflict between humans either. Thus, it would make more sense for Wachowski to resurrect Agent Smith to fight The One.

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New trick for the Weaving character

Weaving's Agent Smith in Matrix: Revolutions.

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On the other side, nothing says Smith has to return as a villain. One of the new cast members could be the central antagonist of another campaign of madness, in which case the agent disconnected would not have to be. Rogue programs like The Oracle and Seraph have found a purpose in helping humans, so maybe Smith saw the light, no pun intended.

For those who don’t remember, Neo also assimilated Smith during their final interaction. The exchange seemed as if The One had succumbed to Smith’s corrupt programming, except it was the exact opposite. Neo managed to infiltrate his foe by letting him in with the risky move, outwitting the seemingly perfect entity. Plus, any resurrected version would have its line of code rewritten, coming back as a more altruistic embodiment of itself. A Smith as a mentor would also be a further change of pace from the doomed agent. And it doesn’t hurt that Weaving is a lot nicer onscreen as a protagonist than an antagonist.

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Regardless of what Wachowski has in mind for Weaving’s character, fans should temper expectations for now. There is still time before Matrix 5 the talks begin and Hugo Weaving must register before we get ahead of ourselves. Because while the veteran actor has expressed interest in Wachowski’s latest script, he might sign on for another play that conflicts with the Matrix shoots. Weaving, Warner Bros. and Wachowski have enough time to work things out, but the sad truth is that casting negotiations sometimes fail because of timing. Disagreements and compensations play a certain role, although they do not influence an actor’s decision to accept / reject a role as much as previous obligations. Just hope the weaving is free when Matrix 5 shoots are rolling.

The matrix: resurrections premieres in theaters on December 22, 2021.

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