Eagle-Eye Cherry’s ‘Save Tonight’ might be the most stylish music video of the 90s

Since the dawn of time, musicians have been blazing new trails in fashion: Kurt Cobain and his mohair cardigan, Run-DMC and their Adidas tracksuits, Beethoven and his sick high collar. But, in my humble opinion, there is one god of musical style that absolutely does not get its due: Eagle-Eye Cherry. Do you remember him ? Of course you do: The Swedish singer’s 1997 single “Save Tonight,” with its shimmering acoustic guitars and hazy emo lyrics, has been stuck in your head on repeat for more than two decades at this point. But it’s the video for this one-of-a-kind wonder that I really can’t get over.

When it comes to music videos from the 90s, the premise is simple: Cherry wanders the black-and-white streets of Stockholm, playing a handful of characters along the way. In those short three minutes, however, Cherry manages to block no less than five drip-worthy outfits, all of which feel not only relevant in 2022, but downright clairvoyant. (It should also be noted that one scene in particular has aged terribly: the one in which Eagle-Eye Cherry dresses up as a homeless man – a move in very poor taste and in no way endorsed by us.)


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The clothes Cherry wears in the video look like they’re pulled from current lookbooks by brands like Mfpen, Séfr, Balenciaga and Cherry’s fellow Swedes. Our heritage: supple and effortless knits; oversized puffy vests; trucker caps; timeless leather outerwear. A quick search of Eagle-Eye images reveals that he still dresses pretty much that way today – as he should – and you should definitely follow suit. Below, we’ve broken down exactly what works on Cherry’s best fits from “Save Tonight,” along with some suggestions on how to nail the look. Heed the song’s call to soak up the moment, pick up some of those crisp ’90s clothes, then head out to the black-and-white streets beyond your door.

leather weather

The first look Cherry dons is both so 90s and stacked with today’s trends. A leather trench with a dodgy turtleneck? Yes please. Wearing a long leather coat might make it look like you just plugged in the Matrix, but Cherry avoids that by toning it down with chunky khakis and classic tennis sneakers. It’s a simple and chic look that anyone can wear and look fresh. Don’t forget to accessorize with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers.

Long shiny coat AMOMENTO

Séfr Leth high-neck ribbed-knit sweater

chunky knits

While we’ll never get a full look at Cherry’s proto-hipster butcher cut, there are still plenty of strong style notes to take home here. For one thing: you can’t go wrong with an oversized textured sweater, even if the sleeves roll up to your cleaver. And two: a nice pair of square-rimmed glasses and a good haircut go a long way.