Eminem & Snoop Dogg – From The D 2 The LBC Music Video

A year and a half ago, things looked bleak for Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Two of Dr. Dre’s superstar proteges, who had made huge records together in the past, seemed to be at odds. Both artists used media and verses to shoot each other. A beef seemed to persist through much of the pandemic. While 2021 started off on a weird note, 2022 put those notions to bed. The men shared the stage in an epic Super Bowl halftime performance in support of Dre. Now, halfway through the year, these artists are bonding over their latest collaboration, “From The D To The LBC.”

The song begins with an allusion to incomprehension. “Yeah, it’s been a minute / Probably should’ve happened a while ago / Shit, we here now, let’s go / Yeah, man, what the fuck, yo,Eminem says at the top. As the self-produced beat kicks off, Eminem raps about the chronicle: “That’s how I know I’m in the studio with the Doggy / In Californi ’cause my homie from Long Beach / I still got that bomb weed / I feel a calm breeze / Every time I palm , just like that blonde bleach / I went platinum then my album too / Calvin turns me into a zombie / ‘Cause these buds are like the Hulk,” Em shares, picking up a buzz on his former “B Please II” collaborater. The record praises Snoop, with a bit of rebuke too. “‘Cause like marriage, you wanna marry Jane / It’s like you and Spider-Man feel exactly the same / My adversaries have come, but these little degenerates are my bloodline / And when it comes to pockets, he Wasn’t many / If any, skinny like mine, bitch, I was penniless / Now I’m very rich, and that shit don’t make no sense.

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The animated music video follows the action, where Snoop proclaims “My Detroit niggas pour everybody, my Long Beach niggas pour everybody.While welcoming potential challengers, Snoop and Eminem also appear in the visual, between the animated illustrations.

Marshall Mathers is going back to that attitude he had around the year 2000.”I’ll treat Paula Deen / Like a fucking human pinball machine / Bouncing balls off her tonsils / If you’re all looking for the smoke, I got all the weed / I’m a fucking walking marijuana leaf, and I’m here to stay / My ring is so deafening, my longevity needs a hearing aid / Still wearing Hanes T-shirts, I spiced up a few features with legendary names / Was he there when Dre shot The Chronicle to monetary gain.” Em also shouts Mount Westmore, the expected supergroup of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too Short. Earlier this month, the west coast quartet released a Death Row Records album, released exclusively in the Metaverse. In the backing vocals, the Shady Records founder is also growing 213, Snoop’s band with Warren G and the late Nate Dogg, who became a favorite Em collaborator in the 2000s.

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Snoop then delivers a fast-paced verse. “Make money moves like The matrix / Do more motivation to ride / Ride, more meditation / I’m watching the moves you make, you might want to stick to the basics / Military, locked down, armed mindset, make sure the mission pays off / It’s not an impossible mission,Snoop begins. He then asserts his rapping abilities. “Me a monopoly, talk my flow / My ni**a, I wipe ’em off, I slept on my floor, now the nigga copying / The nigga go through all this opulence / Give me a task, I conquer her / This ain’t the time to think / You niggas it’s slander, that real shit, niggas honor / You lookin’ for followers and don’t look at ‘My ni**as follow / Ni**a, f(ck love ’em, I scream like, ‘What? My ni** as a young problem’ / Eastside, East up, ni**a, Eminem, woke the beast / Let you roll, now a ni* *a wanna get it back like the lease / Think it’s a game? You gon’ see some / There’s no peace, you gon’ miss a piece ofSnoop ends with a message of peace:Marshall and Calvin, both gutters like public housing / Now we play for hundreds of thousands / I don’t wear makeup, but we still clown around, son of a bitch.”

Claiming Eminem woke the beast, Snoop drops his fieriest verse of 2022. In February, he posted BODR (bac on death row), which starred Nate Dogg. The LP came with the acquisition of the label (formerly co-owned by Dre) where Snoop’s career launched into stardom. In its darkest years, this label took lyrical jabs at both Snoop and Em.

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Notably, a tweet from Eminem seemed to suggest that “From The D To The LBC” might be a bonus inclusion on a Curtain call 2 compilation. In 2005, Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records released Eminem’s first greatest hits collectionincluding some new songs at the time.

Snoop recently dropped out Death Row Summer, a compilation that involves Tha Dogg Pound, Tha Eastsidaz, Raphael Saadiq and Miguel. Last week, Eminem and CeeLo Green teamed up for “The King & I,” produced by Em and Dr. Dre.

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