Kanye West’s confusing and bizarre music player may be the future of music – and it’s British

Second, he says that compared to other technology trends such as non-fungible tokens (NFT or digital art), it’s cheap. “Something like $200 billion has been generated in NFT purchases in the last year. In this case, you just get a JPEG,” he says. Third, he argues that the goal is not to exclude Rather, it’s about building a community based on something authentically new, something that presents and values ​​an artist’s work as they want it to be presented and valued.

Western observers will not be surprised at this attempt to be a visionary troublemaker. In the past, he has compared himself to Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. But it remains extremely difficult to know if the casual listener will take this leap of faith with him. Remember Neil Young’s Unhappy Pono Device, anybody? Quoting a famous line in The Matrix, Klein says there’s always a choice. People can do whatever they want. But he thinks a “major movement” is underway to change the way music is consumed.

“Obviously tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people want the Stem player and want to be part of a movement and support that movement. And if you don’t, you know, it’s not doesn’t matter,” he said.

Just hours after its release, Donda 2 is already available on online file sharing sites. In addition to that, the launch event is available to watch on YouTube. Doesn’t Stem just drive people into hacking?

“I just encourage everyone to look at the Stem Player, look at the reviews, and see what it lets you do. And then make up your mind. The truth is, you’re not just paying $200 for an album That’s a meager description of what’s really going on. What’s happening is you’re spending $200 on the next iPod,” Klein says, displaying the visionary, messianic zeal of his better-known collaborator. spend $200 to be on the ground floor of a technological revolution.”

Despite West’s statement that it would be released on February 22, the album had yet to appear on devices yesterday afternoon (UK time), although four songs appeared later last night. West appears to have removed the reassurances from his Instagram page, replacing them with pictures of what his outfits looked like at the launch party. “Where’s the Mr West album?” were among the comments below. The delay meant that fans who had spent £200 on a Stem were left with a remix-ready music machine with very little to mix. It’s a bit like buying a car and then being told that you might have to wait a bit for gas.