Cover of “OportUNO” // Credit: Sherrie (IG: @__sherrie)

Los Angeles, California – May2022 Mexican-American singer, producer, artist CORDELYA shares her striking new music video for her latest single “OportUNO”.

The song showcases his innate ability to fill moments of grief and recovery, a
otherworldly vision woven into its iconic soundscapes – KORDELYA moves effortlessly
across genres with deeply universal emotions and struggles we can all relate to.

Directed by Antonella Dellarossa aka Demetosamoving visuals follow KORDELYA
changing from human to alien, a reality-shifting humanoid to create his own matrix. While the cover is a dripping portrait of lit candle wax as they dangle on her fingertips. A perfect set of metaphors to describe the progression and contrast of the song’s lyrics and the unfolding love story that we can all relate to.

“OportUNO” and its accompanying music video are unapologetically honest, beautifully sweet yet powerfully raw – evoking an array of vulnerabilities that are purely empowering to experience and listen to.

Screenshot of the video clip “OportUNO” // Credit: Antonella Dellarossa (Demetosa)

A powerful singer, KORDELYA creatively encapsulates a lyrical progression over the words
all along the track. “Oportuno” in the English translation conveys an act in a timely manner; while the word “Uno” translates to “One”. Kordelya brings to light in a back and forth playing on these two concepts, a story that we can all relate to authentically – that of a love interest who once was but is no longer. Taking on many shapes and forms, the song’s lyrics poetically weave throughout each verse an array of feelings ranging from feeling burned, used and changed by a lover to a fierce plea to let go of those not intended or who do not deserve such timeless love.