New Matrix movie could have been better

The concept and some of the ideas of Resurrection weren’t bad, but the execution didn’t measure up. And it relies so much on nostalgia. Most of the first half was built on clips from the original trilogy. He tries to make it sound like it was for the plot, but that turned out to be pointless as it’s really about doing a victory lap at how the first three were the entire first act. .

Matrix Resurrections had a great concept to work on. Instead of relying on that, they relied on the feelings of moviegoers. Even the jokes they made in the first half end up being exactly what the movie is. It looks like a very generic action movie. It is very poorly done. And he’s trying to create shooting scenes from the original trilogy because this movie is all about nostalgia again, and it just feels so lifeless and flat. One thing really stood out as weak in this movie.

In the trilogy, when an agent appeared, that’s when things went from zero to a hundred really quickly. But in this movie, when there’s an agent there, you laugh at them. They don’t pose a big threat and depend on zombies. Agents have the ability to turn people into zombies. So the main thing our beloved cast fights is just normal people jumping on them, scratching and biting. And the final action sequence is really silly and a lot of times it doesn’t even look right. It feels like it was done in a rush.

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