New Music: Chasing Luma – “Motions”

The luma-chasing indie-pop artist, aka Luke MacDonald, presents his brand new track, “Motions.”

Prior to pursuing luma, Luke MacDonald was a gold certified dance music producer. Although successful in electronic music, he felt a deep disconnect between his personal mantra and the music he was creating. After a long period of writer’s block and creative upheaval, Luke found his way back to a simple musical passion. Renewing his commitment to songwriting, while maintaining his admiration for dance music, he conceived Chasing Luma.

Chasing Luma Shares, Chasing Luma Shares, “In trying to forget everything I once knew about music making and starting from scratch, I encountered a lot of frustration and obstacles. While writing this song, I wasn’t in a particularly healthy frame of mind, so I handled it one of the only ways I know of – which was to plug my guitar into an amp, mount a microphone on a stand, and venting my frustrations – and just hoping something good would come out of me.

Chasing Luma fuses the energy of modern electronic music with the melancholic nostalgia of contemporary indie music, evoking equal parts emotion through storytelling and sonic excellence.

The release of her debut single, “Bittersweet,” Chasing Luma now follows with “motions,” which mixes alt-pop flavors with undulating synth clauses crowned by warm, indulgent vocals.

“motions” opens with exotic, almost industrial rhythms, which turn into an indie-pop flavored melody. Brilliant sonic accents fill the melody with creamy, bubbly coloring while Chasing Luma’s velvety tenor infuses the lyrics with delicious tones. Shimmering breakdowns alter the harmonic flow, then rise into smooth, shimmering sounds.

“Seems like I can’t understand / I’m not helping you / I’m just pushing myself a little further / I’m not trying to choose.”

Akin to dream-pop infused with effervescent energy, the “motions” offer captivating harmonic textures, providing a luscious matrix to chase luma’s alluring vocals.

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