Powersoft Installs Dynamic Music Distribution in Innovative Dutch Bakery – rAVe [PUBS]

Innovative Dutch bakery chooses Powersoft’s dynamic music distribution to create the perfect ambiance and dining experience for foodies.

Renowned pastry chef and bread specialist, Eric van Otten, recently implemented a new food concept for his pastry shop that creates multiple atmospheric dining zones using Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD).

Unlike many patisseries that line the streets of Amsterdam, Van Otten offers customers a number of places to sit and enjoy their culinary delights: the outdoor patio, the ice cream parlor and a plethora of private spaces, each equipped with sounds that enhance the overall dining experience.

Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution can provide businesses, retail, or hospitality venues with a high-quality audio backbone that ensures selected speakers receive the perfect amount of power for each ‘zone’.

Dutch professional audio distributor, Mennegat, was approached by Eric Van Otten with a mandate to create a multifunctional retail and hospitality space with high quality music, tailoring the unique guest experience to where they are sitting in the room with independent source sound.

“With Powersoft’s DMD, it’s easy to divide a space into several zones – each channel of a Mezzo amplifier can be redirected to a music zone, which can be individually controlled”, explains Ferdi van den Berg, Commercial Director of Mennegat . “This particular interface is made up of two WM touch screens, which makes it even more user-friendly than you might expect. The first WM Touch controls the shop and the restaurant, the other manages the outdoor terrace.

Non-technical employees can easily operate the WM Touch panel, which lends itself to smooth and reliable audio tuning from day to night.

With the WM Touch, the entire audio system is not only easy to use, but also simple for system integrators to deploy, as system preparation can be done offsite with a pre-configured user interface.

Van den Berg strongly recommends DMD to end users because of the combination of low cost/investment and a perfect user experience: “This system can be installed and fully operational in just one day, which is very advantageous for us – the platform form of Mezzo amplification offers incredible reliability and durability and is overall cost effective,” he says.

Along with Powersoft’s WM Touch and Mezzo amps, the setup included 14 Sonance Professional Series PS-S63T surface mount speakers and a Biamp internet radio, all of which work in harmony to deliver a unique baking experience. .

Currently, the alternative to DMD on the market is a traditional matrix/DSP system, which must be accompanied by a four-channel amplifier to provide all spaces with an independent music channel. With Powersoft’s DMD, two competitively priced Mezzo amplifiers can be used to, in this case, provide enough power to drive 14 Sonance loudspeakers at 30W/100V with two WM touchscreens.

“This translates into significant cost and time savings by switching to Powersoft’s DMD,” continues van den Berg. “That’s why I chose this innovative solution and why I would always recommend it to other distributors, system integrators and end users in the retail and hospitality industry.”

Multi-source management plays a central role in the success of Powersoft’s DMD – the built-in analog-to-digital signal conversion is simple and one music source can be routed to many separate zones.

“The Powersoft team is competent and extremely reliable throughout the project; it’s one of the many reasons I would always recommend them to others in the industry,” adds Berg.

Francesco Fanicchi, Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Powersoft, believes that this type of application really shows what Dynamic Music Distribution is capable of, and that this technology will be deployed in many different applications in the near future.

“DMD’s results are greater than the sum of its parts – its true potential isn’t always easy to grasp on the first audition,” he explains. “We are delighted that respected IS and end users continue to understand how powerful and efficient this audio solution is, using such a simple and user-friendly interface.”

Eric van Otten, owner, pastry chef and bread specialist at Van Otten, is delighted with the results of this installation, saying that the subtle sound and the “pleasant murmurs” of guests create a warm and atmospheric atmosphere in the restaurant, which was the wish. effect: “I’m really surprised by the end result and I didn’t expect this audio installation to be as impressive as it is. Music provides privacy, so our guests can talk freely with each other. The empty spaces of the restaurant were filled with warm and welcoming sounds. In addition to this, we can select a choice of music that will contribute to the overall experience.