Red pill or blue pill? The trailer for the new Matrix movie is “choose your own adventure”

A return to the dystopian world of The Matrix is ​​about to become a reality with the release of two new teaser clips and a full trailer. Accessing the clips forces fans to make the same choice Keanu Reeves’ Neo made in the original 1999 sci-fi masterpiece: The Red Pill or The Blue Pill. All that is at stake is your entire future… and the future of humanity.

The blue pill allows those who take it to resume their normal lives by living in the fiction of the Matrix. The Red Pill, of course, reveals the truth: that the Matrix is ​​a lie and that reality is a much less pretty place than one made up of ones and zeros.

On, the curious are invited to choose between red and blue. Each choice leads to a different clip which, from the intended muuuch Matrix resurrections.

Without giving too much away, the red pill option reveals the updated world that exists behind the facade of The Matrix, featuring franchise newcomer Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. He alludes to the idea that a fight is brewing. On the contrary, the blue pill clip is a gas lighting exercise – the plot is in your head.

The trailer is a bit more meaty:


Matrix resurrections sees Reeves returning to his lead role as Neo along with former cast members Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Lambert Wilson and Daniel Bernhardt as formidable Agent Johnson. The new arrivals include big names like Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra and Christina Ricci. Lana Wachowski, half of the original directing team behind the previous one Matrix films, also returns to the director’s chair.

The fourth part of the Matrix The franchise arrives in theaters on December 22, 2021.

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