Senior Government Advisor and Investor Joins Leading UK Artificial Intelligence Company Intelligent OMICS to Lead Business Development

Dr. Robert Grundy will join Intelligent OMICS as Vice President of Business Development

Robert Grundy joins Intelligent OMICS as Vice President of Business Development

Intelligent OMICS, a leading UK-based AI company, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Robert Grundy BSc PhD FRSB as Vice President of Business Development.

Intelligent OMICS represents an exciting opportunity to join a team with a unique and differentiating approach to drug discovery and development. He is in the right place at the right time. »

— Dr. Robert Grundy BSc PhD FRSB

NOTTINGHAM, UK, March 2, 2022 / — Intelligent OMICS (“Intellomx”;, which takes artificial intelligence in healthcare from idea to IND, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Robert Grundy BSc PhD FRSB as VP Business Development.

Dr. Grundy brings experience from a distinguished career in the life sciences industry. He chairs Matrix, the science and technology industry policy expert group for the Government of Northern Ireland, and currently represents Northern Ireland on the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisory Network, chaired by Sir Patrick Valance.

“I have known Rob for many years and am delighted to be able to bring him to the leadership team at Intellomx,” commented CEO Dr. Simon Haworth. “As a life sciences investor and industry marketing expert, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and connections to the business and we look forward to working with him and getting his input.” We have a significant number of opportunities right now – including in cancer, autoimmune disease, kidney disease, diabetes, tuberculosis and more – and Rob’s energy and skills will be essential to convert these opportunities into concrete projects and long-term relationships.

“Intelligent OMICS represents a chance to join a team with a unique and differentiating approach to drug discovery and development. It’s one of those companies that is in the right place at exactly the right time,” commented Rob. “We have a tremendous opportunity to drive value for pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the industry, helping them accelerate existing drug discovery programs and launch new ones. But we also have an extraordinary ability to develop our own drugs, with the value that can result, using Intelligent OMICS technology in-house to identify new targets and accelerate programs to IND. It’s an incredible time to enter the healthcare AI industry and I couldn’t have imagined a better vehicle than Intelligent OMICS.

Intelligent OMICS’ proprietary Intuitive Informed Intelligence (I3) methodology finds new biological targets that cause disease and the Intelligent OMICS Digital Twin platform helps predict preclinical toxic effects, saving up to 90% of preclinical development costs and reducing the need for animal testing.

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About Intelligent OMICS (Intellomx)

Intelligent OMICS (“Intellomx”; is a UK-based in silico drug discovery company. Intellomx uses artificial intelligence to model molecular data, discerning the underlying disease pathway for each disease. The Company’s results indicate the comparative importance of key molecules or genes, show how they articulate in the disease state, indicate the impact on the disease pathway of the elimination of a target or of a given group of targets and prioritize the targets to be developed according to their disease. impact and risk of off-target toxicity. This is all done in silico before the results are tested in the wet lab, saving years of time and considerable money for the drug development process.

Intellomx is currently undertaking parallel analyzes in P53, in pancreatic cancer, AML, breast cancer and other cancers as well as in autoimmune diseases, diabetes, COPD, tuberculosis and sepsis.

Intelligent OMICS technology replaces the popular but flawed meta-analysis and semantic exploration of the literature with direct, evidence-based analysis of the underlying systems biology of disease. Our method corrects the shortcoming of knowledge graphs derived from the literature by identifying new results not yet covered in the literature.

Intellomx uses its own technology to identify new drugs and companion diagnostics, and also provides services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the next 10 years, AI will allow us to complete drug discovery and development to in silico phase III trials in less than 9 months, then determine what wet lab and clinical trial experiments are needed to satisfy regulators leading to drug approval. .

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