Shipsy showcased its AI-powered logistics management solutions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Building smarter logistics processes and ensuring sustainable supply chain operations took center stage at this year’s Seamless Middle East – the largest payment and e-commerce event in the world. region.

The e-commerce sector in the Middle East has seen phenomenal growth, growing from $5 million five years ago to over $50 million by the end of 2022. This has been driven by a sea change in the way consumers buy due to the availability of multiple online channels. to shop.

To capitalize on this growth and ensure customer-centric delivery operations, retailers and e-commerce businesses will need to rapidly digitize and automate their existing logistics processes.

Shipsy, a leading global provider of intelligent logistics management platforms, was among the key attendees at this year’s Seamless Middle East event.

“We were delighted to be present at this year’s Seamless Middle East – a crucial industry platform that shines a light on the need to streamline the way e-commerce businesses deliver their products. United Arab Emirates are at the forefront of reducing their carbon footprint and achieving Smart City status.To make this a reality, the e-commerce industry needs to re-evaluate its logistics processes to ensure it is compliant with this vision by ensuring sustainable delivery processes,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO and co-founder of Shipsy.

Shipsy showed how its 170+ customers around the world deliver a seamless delivery experience to their customers using its AI-powered logistics management platform. Shipsy enables businesses to optimize cross-border logistics, make deliveries cost-effective and sustainable, and mitigate transportation risks.

Seamless Middle East 2022 was a two-day event held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The event welcomed over 10,000 visitors, 350 exhibitors and over 300 speakers.

As a contributor to the UAE’s mission to achieve its sustainability goals, Shipsy, through its AI-powered smart logistics management solutions, helps regional and global e-commerce businesses accelerate their sustainability goals. logistics.

“To help companies reduce carbon emissions, Shipsy enables them to reduce trip volumes, miles driven, returns and empty miles. We enable logistics players to effectively reduce distance traveled by 5% and reduce trip volumes by 6%,” Chokshi noted.

The organization also highlighted that it will announce the global launch of its shipment tracking platform and showcase its innovations in space in Orlando, Florida on June 6.

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Shipsy enables businesses around the world to build resilient, connected, agile, sustainable and self-sufficient supply chain and logistics operations. Our intelligent logistics management platform enables businesses to dramatically reduce operating costs, reduce carbon footprint, improve customer experience, increase delivery productivity and ensure freight movement smooth cross-border. Our team of over 220 people based in India, Dubai and Indonesia serves over 160 customers across the globe, purchasing over 100 million freight every month and optimizing the movement of over 2 million packages every day. To learn more about us, please visit

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