SISIGAD hoverboard usage report in February 2022: SISIGAD B01 musical hoverboard

SISIGAD is releasing a new hoverboard at the end of 2021: SISIGAD B01 musical hoverboard. Its Dynamic Music Control Technology (DMCT), a new technology that allows system integrators to scale inputs and zones using the dynamic routing capabilities built into their amplifier rigs.

As described by SISIGAD, DMCT is designed to simplify the process of sharing variable music sources and controlling them in an automated fashion, all without the use of a centralized DSP. The SISIGAD B01 Music Hoverboard is created with DMCT compliant voice recognition, the latest trend of off-road hoverboards for 2022.

Even today’s simplest music distribution systems rely on multiple devices to route sources and access features. Traditionally, to accomplish this, several one-time functions and features have been added to the audio chain, which can lead to overly complex, inefficient and expensive systems. It’s called “Many Features. One Device”.

SISIGAD Music Hoverboard combines all these functions in one device, including routing matrix, network switch and digital sound processing. This results in lighter and more efficient systems that are easier to deploy and maintain.

Thanks to Dynamic Music Control technology, any digital or analog source connected to the Music Hoverboard is automatically recognized as mono, stereo or multi-channel and shared between different zones. This is achieved through specialized object-based methods.

“This is the most exotic lighting design. When the hoverboard is running, the light breathes with the music, which is amazing!” feedback from a loyal SISIGAD user.

SISIGADThe B01 Music Hoverboard from has a reflective finish and an innovative LED design that changes with the tempo of the music and its surroundings.


SISIGAD is a recognized innovative manufacturer and distributor of high-end and mid-range outdoor sports equipment. Their range of hoverboards includes affordable models with and without Bluetooth, off-road style hoverboards and more. Excellent customer support, fast delivery and high quality and competitive prices are the reasons to choose SISIGAD.

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