Suffering is music to this killer’s ears

Talk about a bittersweet symphony…

tube jumped into the world of original horror content feet first, and we’re excited to see it. The platform is already a haven for found footage and low-budget horror. Now they make their own movies, including the just released Requiem for a scream, their take on the slasher genre. Coupled with a spooky mask and a love for music, director Ben Meyerson’s entry into the subgenre is perfect for watching the spooky season.

In Requiem for a screama sadistic killer sets his sights on a group of friends partying in an abandoned lakeside house, determined to make their murders his symphony.

Watch the trailer:

Cassandra Scerbo (big hotel), Michael X. Sommers (The Matrix Resurrections), Georgia Leva (You), Zachary Roozen (Romeo and Juliet killers), India McGee (American soul), Brandon Santana (hacks) and David Lewis (Child’s play) star in Requiem for a scream.

Cartel Images, Stan Spry (horror show), Eric Woods (horror show), and Graem Luis (The day of the Dead) produced the film.

Requiem for a scream is streaming now on Tubi.

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