the UNO Synth Pro desktop –

The UNO Synth Pro Desktop by IK Multimedia is an analog synth in the perfect size of a studio desk. We’ve made music with it and taken a deep dive into the features.

IK Multimedia is a huge company in the music world, making everything from plugins, microphones, speakers, pedalsinterfaces, clips and media for live performances and synthesizers.

For the UNO Synth Pro series which comes in two models, a desktop version and a 37-key keyboard, they teamed up with an Italian synth manufacturer. sound machines. We spent some time with the desktop version and came to the conclusion that this could be your perfect first analog synth. Here is our demo and browse:

For those who want to own their first analog synth, this is a good start. He has 3 oscillators, a filter, 2 LFOs, filter and amp envelopes, built-in effects and a huge modulation matrix. It also has an arpeggiator, sequencer, 128 presets and another 128 empty presets.

The compact unit’s connectivity is in line with all big and powerful synths on the market with features like CV/gate input and output, audio input, 3.5mm headphone output and left and right 6.35mm jack output, and 5-pin MIDI input and output. Additionally, it is powered by micro USB, which we found really useful!

The synth sound is the best part, the bass and leads will shine on that and there was a lot less menu diving than expected. This is due to the fact that there are many knobs and buttons, and they are all arranged in a user-friendly design. Designated Mute and Resonance knobs are a very welcome touch (pun intended!).

Much like one could turn one’s nose in bed at flat keys, we found it quite easy to play, and it will most likely be something you send MIDI to anyway. The dimensions are 33.3 x 15 x 5 cm, an easy fit in a small workshop or backpack.

Using the synth, we created a beat and found the bass and leads to be easy to play – as mentioned before – and sound quite good. Discover the music under the explanatory section and at the end. of the video.

The desktop UNO Synth Pro costs AUD$759 while the Uno Synth Pro with the 37-key keyboard costs around AUD$1050.

For more information, visit IK Multimedia website.