What’s wrong with the coffee in the new Matrix movie?

What is old is new again. The matrix, a successful Wachowski trilogy that wowed moviegoers with never-before-seen special effects (and not-so-subtle religious nuances), is back with a fourth installment. Title The matrix: resurrections, the first official trailer is released today and will hopefully provide a glimmer of information about the plot that was apparently already resolved.

But that hasn’t stopped people from trying to find out as much as they can about the new film, scouring the internet for clues as to what to expect. And there hasn’t been a bigger titillator than WhatIsTheMatrix.com, the franchise’s official site that has been dormant for the past few years before releasing a slew of teaser stills of the new film. One image in particular piqued our interest, that of Neo taking down an empty, wet blue-green version of a Blade runner street to a cafe called Simulatte, and we have questions.

First, in what “world” does Simulatte exist? According to one Redditor, in our world, the one outside of the movies, it’s actually Joe & The Juice in San Francisco. But in the realm of movies, is it in the simulated matrix world that Neo — played by the ultimate gentleman Keanu Reeves — realized and ultimately escaped in the first movie? Sounds a bit on the nose, right? Like, are machines just going to flaunt the fact that this is all just a front for oblivious cafe patrons? And if it’s in the real world, the one outside of the Matrix that looks like it was almost destroyed in the third movie, which will name their cafe to be a casual reminder of what could only be the most horrific time in the world. human history?

I would also like to know what role Simulatte will play in the film. Is this where Neo de Reeves will meet Carrie-Ann Moss reprising her role as Trinity – and notably NOT Lawrence Fishburn, who won’t be in the movie, although many believe the most handsome man in the world, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will play some kind of young Morpheus – to discuss how to disassemble new machines? And do those machines they’re trying to destroy include espresso machines? Are semi-automatics on the block with full autos? What about lever machines?

More importantly, is a simulatte a drink, like a sig bev maybe, and what’s in it? I guess it’s like cold brew concentrate and oat milk served over ice or something. Or maybe there’s some sort of tapioca ooze component.

These questions and many more will likely be answered when we all have blue pills (or red, whichever is good, not QAnon’s, unless they’re the same, so who can tell) by the first one. trailer of The matrix: resurrections go out today. Hopefully there is a scene where Neo, Trinity, and young Morpheus all drink coffee in Simulatte while Mr. Smith is a broken band leader on the espresso machine.

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