Will Keanu Reeves return for a fifth “Matrix” movie?

So far all that concerns The matrix: resurrections drew massive amounts of buzz. The trailer heated things up with various shocking reveals, like a Neo (Keanu reeves) reinserted into the matrix. He’s unaware of the past, as evidenced by Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) casually introducing herself instead of immediately kissing him. This development alone will be thrilling to watch as we expect Trinity to refresh Neo’s memory bit by bit until he remembers his role as The One.

While Neo rediscovering himself will be a fun and entertaining journey, the only question worth discussing is what happens next? No matter how long the movie is, with all the new characters, subplots, and Neo / Trinity love story to cover, Resurrections will undoubtedly end on a cliffhanger. It’s unclear if a fifth installment is in the cards, but there’s a good chance one of the world’s most recent inductees will become a resentful antagonist who pursues those goals in a future film. Nonetheless, a fully resurrected Neo will have work to do in the New Matrix once it settles down.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Keanu Reeves has yet to reveal whether he will return for a follow-up installment. Reeves probably expects to be asked – assuming he hasn’t already been – when the movie releases. Because while the odds of Resurrections the flops are slim, the most reasonable expectation is that Chapter Four will be a success that will lead to Chapters 5, 6 and eventually 7. In this scenario, Reeves has to return. He’s the star of the franchise, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

The new characters introduced in Resurrections have the potential to lead the series themselves, except that there are no guarantees with them. Reeves has a proven track record and fans know he can keep any franchise alive. The same goes for Neil Patrick Harris and Jada Pinkett Smith, but we can’t say for sure that audiences will be so receptive to their headliners in this series.

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Neo’s future

The return of Keanu Reeves in Matrix: Resurrections.


Thankfully, Reeves isn’t the type to leave fans hanging around. There could be various reasons for leaving the Matrix after Resurrections, but the A-list celebrity is too kind of a person. A passerby actually spotted Reeves giving way to a woman on a New York City subway, which speaks to his character. He didn’t have to, but Reeves possesses this inert kindness. And knowing that the fans are asking him to reprise his role, he is unlikely to disappoint them.

In any scenario where Reeves returns to reprise his role, this prompts one to ask: what does Neo do next? There is no specific antagonist ready to wreak havoc in the world, and Agents don’t stand a chance even though they are supercharged versions of their old selves. Thus, Neo would probably amount to freeing the minds connected to the system.

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Of course, there is a distinct possibility that the savior of mankind will lead the fight directly to the machines. Their mechanical oppressors have consistently controlled the world for decades, and it’s time for humans to take it back. Revolutions granted only the remaining survivors peace in their underground hiding place as the machines maintained their dominance on top. For any real victory, humans must come to the surface. And the only way to do that is if Neo eliminates the Machine faction in its entirety. Without him, the conflict will end as tragically as Revolutions made. The film ended in a victory for the humans, although the reality was that they still suffered significant losses in this last fight, Zion was almost destroyed and the future of the survivor looked pretty bleak at this point. .

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With the potential to see Neo (Reeves) return to Machine City, bringing the fight with him this time around, it would make for an epic showdown in a future film. Because it wouldn’t be Neo and Trinity in Nebuchadnezzar who would have one last fight again. No, they would be carrying companions who may or may not have the same dimensional bending abilities that Trinity shows in the trailer. Then again, perhaps only these “resurrected” are able to manipulate the Matrix as they please. Neo was only able to stop Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) in the original film after his death and return. The same rule presumably applies to Trinity and anyone else with superhuman powers.

Whatever happens in Matrix: Resurrections, there is still no answer to the big question. The public won’t know that for a while either. Even though Reeves nods sneakily to an interviewer when asked, Warner Bros. will likely not disclose their plans until the company knows how much Resurrections done, so all we can do is wait.

The matrix: resurrections released in theaters on December 22, 2021

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