Wom- Decentralized music platform to be launched worldwide

Founded in California in 2022, Women’s Labs is a Web3.0 company that perfectly combines blockchain with the music industry, thanks to blockchain decentralization technology. It encourages contemporary musicians, creators, producers and music lovers to share and create purer musical works through a comprehensive eco-model of music creation, distribution, exchange and sharing. Adhering to the ecological principle of “benefiting music fans and listeners”, it builds a bridge for music creators and fans to communicate directly.

Led by OG: G-Stark, a blockchain that runs listed companies, Women’s Labs is co-produced by well-known musicians and personalities TencentByteDance, SEA and miHoYo. Women’s Labs has a full-time MOD team, whose members are highly experienced and will support Women’s Labs’ community functioning. Until now, Women’s Labs recruited many musicians to boost early promotion and successfully established the media matrix, hoping to create a new era of digital music.

Wom, a decentralized platform for global musicians

woman is Women’s Labs’ new NFT music platform in the era of Web3.0, which focuses on a fair, transparent, shared, open and immersive music ecosystem. Creators can easily create and publish NFTs through Wom, and have access to the revenue related to their creation, either as lyricists, composers, singers or others, or as independent musicians. Thanks to NFT and smart contract, all the benefits of creation accrue to creators and copyright holders, as authors have absolute control over their works. In addition, Wom can tailor cooperative programs and revenue distribution mechanisms for copyright societies to ensure that copyright owners enjoy benefits in the Web3.0 world. Wom is a win-win cooperation platform in the era of Web3.0.

Wom, a new world for music lovers

Wom is a decentralized social platform powered by music culture. Here, fans can purchase the NFT and creators’ works and communicate directly with their favorite creators. Music lovers can recoup value by listening to music for free, make content consumption a valuable investment, and profit from their hobbies and tastes. Away from the influence of politics, region and politics, Wom will provide a better creative environment and purer free socialization.

Woman knotWomen’s Web 3.0 Platform Basic Building Block

Wom Node is the infrastructure leading to Web3.0 and will be deployed in different parts of the globe by distributed technology. With Wom Node’s distributed servers, holders can provide storage and hosting capabilities for Wom’s decentralized network, facilitating sustained development of Wom.

A small number of Wom Nodes will be distributed (not purchased) to Wom Music Initiators, Eco Contributors and Partners. They will be the guardians of Wom and will contribute to the sustainable development of the entire ecosystem.

Wom Node holders will receive, with the sustained development and green building of the Wom platform, Wom rewards according to the fixed distribution logic. To put it simply, the smoother the NFT music in the Wom, the more connections, interactions, exchanges and value creation between music fans and creators, and the stronger the ecosystem. . In this case, Wom Node will be more important as Wom’s infrastructure ecosystem.

Keeping up with the times for the future of Wom

NFT-Avatar, the first NFT released on the Wom platform, will be introduced to the Wom community as a metaverse avatar, connecting Wom individuals into a decentralized autonomous organization.

The Wom platform allows musicians to issue NFTs and self-define club member training, PASS fans, free access to songs, collections, artworks and music albums, etc.

In order to facilitate the spread of Web3.0 music culture, Wom will invite world famous musicians to co-host WOM offline music festivals. Wom World Music Tour will be held with the WOM Awards, which are favored by global musicians and also by the leadership of Wom’s efforts.

Wom, a new musical reference in the era of Web3.0

Today’s world is in the digital age, and so is music. Music and technology have always been linked with every leap forward, from discs to tapes and from offline to online. As new technologies and concepts such as 5G, blockchain, AI and the metaverse rapidly emerge, the ways we create and deliver music have changed dramatically.

Wom is a revolution of the “blockchain + music” industry. In the Wom, everyone can be a music creator, and every user can enjoy a lossless sound quality auditory carnival for free. Keeping great music fresh online, Wom brings musicians and listeners together and brings music back to its own purity and freedom.

In the era of Web3.0, Wom will take you into a new world of digital music. Are you ready to testify?

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